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  • Welcome to Simone Olivia

    I have been interested in clean eating and creating healthy recipes for as long as I can remember. After lots of questions from friends and family I finally decided to make my own little space on the internet.

    Welcome to Simone Olivia; I'm so very glad you stopped by.

    I started this blog as a way to highlight some of the problems I face with gluten and the ways in which I try to keep my lifestyle healthy. I have a background in nutritional therapy and I believe that we all face the same struggles with today's heavily processed food products.

    I started to "eat clean" three years ago, and noticed the increase in my energy levels and my happiness almost immediately. I know that there is a direct connection between the food I eat and the way I feel. I want to share what I have learned and give you some ideas for a more healthy and happy you.

    So please, take a look around and let's explore some ideas for a healthy lifestyle together.



London… My happy place! I lived in this lovely city for a couple of months in 2015. It is where my passion for blogging started. I used to sit in the park with my Tupperware boxes filled with colourful salads or breakfast meals, writing for hours. London has so many healthy hotspots that I still go back for a few days almost every month. Just to visit my favourite eateries, pick up some tea from my favourite tearoom, do groceries at Borough Market and have as many as (Bon)Soy latte’s as possible.

Last week I packed my bag again to spend a couple of days in food (and coffee) heaven. I decided to share with you my favourite places in London however, there will be no top 5 list, because I simply cannot choose which one comes first :O .  There are many more favourite places I want to share so this will be my first, but not my last post, about London. Stay tuned for more soon!

  1. Granger & Co.
    Many times I started and ended my day here. The food is simply amazing and so are the people. Granger and Co. have numerous locations across London. I regularly visited the Clerkenwell location, since our apartment was just around the corner, and the Kings Cross location, which is also very nice! I recommend you start your day with their famous “Ricotta Hot Cakes” or the “Great Aussie Breakfast” plate. Oh so good! Going there for dinner? Their salads and grains are amazing but always make sure there is some room left for dessert. Last week I had their merengue with strawberries and yoghurt cream, to die for!Granger & Co. ClerkenwellIMG_4831
  2. The Goodlife Eatery
    The Goodlife Eatery proves that healthy food can be awesome! If you’re craving a gluten free baked good, a fantastic rich salad or a big bowl of soup, the Goodlife Eatery is your place! Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free, there are enough options for everyone! And, when you’re returning from the gym and simply want something light and energizing, Goodlife Eatery’s cold pressed juices are a life affirming shot of happiness.
  3. Ottolenghi – Nopi
    Simply put, chef Yotam Ottolenghi is my hero.  No further explanation is required, just visit and you won’t regret it!
  4. Caravan
    Head to Caravan for the best brunches, Bloody Mary’s or Espresso Martini’s. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. Try the Exmouth Market location for a nice and cozy moment or visit Kings Cross for a more industrial style experience.
  5. Gail’s Bakery
    These are my favourite people. Even months after I left London, they remembered me and my order; Large Soy Latte, extra hot with cinnamon on top. I love Gail’s Bakery and I love its family. Wonderful drinks, perfect baked goods and even more perfect service keeps me coming back to this happy place! For me, visiting London is not complete without a trip to Gail’s Bakery.  Thank you guys, and see you soon!
  6. Lantana Cafe
    This Ozzie restaurant serves my favourite (Bon)Soy latte’s and their brunch plates are on point! The toasted courgette (zucchini) bread with grilled halloumi, roast tomatoes, poached egg and chili jam is my all-time favourite. Oh, take me back please!
    There you have it, six of my favourite London eateries but by no means all of them. Don’t delay, book a plane ticket or take the Eurostar and pay a visit to Heaven for foodies. You won’t be disappointed. Now then, where is my passport?



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Craving something sweet? Protein packed and refined sugar free? Then head to the supermarket and let’s start baking my Lemon Protein Cookies!

I am having serious problems with evening time cravings. But no, I’m not going to find a solution to stop this. I found this perfect snack alternative which gives my body one more protein shot before heading to bed…

Disclaimer: These cookies are the BEST and I can’t promise you won’t eat them all at once. Don’t forget your portion control.

Here’s what you’ll need for 6-8 medium sized Lemon Protein cookies:


Lemon protein cookies

1/4cup coconut flour
2 scoops vanilla protein
1 egg
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
1 ts vanilla
1/4 cup agave
1/2 ts baking powder
1/2 tsp xantan gum
pinch of salt
1 tsp lemon peel
3 tbsp lemon juice

Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together

Step 2: scoop out a tablespoon sized dough ball and place it on a baking sheet

Step 3: bake for 10 minutes at 170 Celsius/338 Fahrenheit

Step 4: allow to cool, serve and enjoy!

Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed them.



x Simone

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Breakfast is my most favourite time of the day! I prefer to get up 30 minutes earlier to make
my own little breakfast party instead of being able to sleep half an hour longer… 🙂 Yes, I am a morning person!


Yes my friends, there are so many yummy alternatives for your breakfast sandwich in the morning. And no, I am not only talking about the many oatmeal options, there is more, yes there is!

Sharing is caring, let me give you my three favourite breakfast meals…

  1. Bircher muesli
    YUM! And easy to make. I make my bircher the night before so it is ready after my early morning workout. It is a filling breakfast, full of fiber and protein and it will keep you going for a couple hours.
    For 1 serving:
    – 50 grams of oats
    – 1/2 an apple, grated
    – 100 ml almond milk ( I prefer Provamel Organic Almond milk)
    – 1 tbsp chia seeds
    – pinch cinnamon
    – pinch of salt
    – 100 grams low fat yoghurt
    Grab a jar, fill it with your oats, chia, almond milk, salt and cinnamon. Stir and cover with foil. Refridgerate overnight. In the morning top the oats with the low fat yoghurt, grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon. Are you a sweet tooth? Top it up with some maple syrup or honey… Prefer a bigger party? Add some almond butter 🙂

    Bircher muesli

    Bircher muesli


  2. My “famous” Coconut Granola
    Nutritious, filling and simply delicious! Its great to start your day with, or to end it! I sometimes grab a handfull to nibble on, on my way to the gym. I don’t typically eat breakfast before I workout, but this helps give me a bit more energy when I need it…. I usually eat it with ( AGAIN ) Provamel unsweetned almond milk, letting it soak for a while first ( this is the hardest part as I usually just want to attack it immediately when I make my granola bowl). To freshen it up I’ll add some fruit and sometimes I’ll eat it with SKYR ( Islands famous low fat yoghurt) and raspberry chia jam. Grab another piece of paper…. Here we go! This might be enough for 1 week 😉
    Preheat the oven 180degrees Celcius
    – 100 gram Oats
    – 100 gram Buckwheat groats
    – 50 gram Millet
    – 100 gram mixed raw nuts
    – 50 gram coconut flakes
    – 3 tbsp Olive oil / coconut oil
    – 3 tbsp Maple syrup, agave, or a fresh date
    – 1 tsp Seasalt
    – 2 tsp vanilla extract
    Mix all the ingredients together and spread it out on a baking tray.  Bake for 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

    Coconut Granola

    Coconut Granola


  3. Pineapple & Creamy Oats
    A yummy summer brekkie! This is creamy oats and Pineapple ! Again, this brekkie is easy to make the night before…
    50 gram Oats
    2 dates
    100ml plant-based milk
    pinch of seasalt
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    60 gram pineapple
    coconut flakes
    Fill up a jar with everything except the pineapple (substitute your favorite fruit if you prefer)
    In the morning, put the oat mixture in the blender and blend until you have a creamy consistency. Top it with the pineapple or your choice of fruit and sprinkle on the coconut flakes !
Pineapple & Cream

Pineapple & Creamy Oats

That’s enough for now. If you try one of my favourites, please leave a comment and let me know how it turned out.

Want to see more recipes and ideas? Please leave me a comment or suggestion below! 🙂

Have a good one,



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Tired of trying diets? Want to change your lifestyle? Let’s start by clearing out your fridge and start adding the right stuff.


Make one shelf of your fridge your protein shelf. This is one of the most important areas in your fridge since every meal should contain it. For example fish, meat, chicken.
Consider also non-meat proteins; tofu, tempeh, pulses, nuts & seeds.

Salads and vegetables
Each of my meals contain at least 75% vegetables. Use anything you fancy and vary the mix so you don’t get bored. I prefer organic and in-season veggies and try to eat as many colours as possible. The colours in vegetables are a great source of phytonutrients that helps reduce cancer, diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Dairy alternatives
Try to avoid regular milk and choose healthier alternatives like coconutmilk, nut milk and coconut yoghurt. Other alternatives to consider, include feta,halloumi and goat cheese.


Ok, that’s the fridge basics, now let’s continue with your storecupboard (or pantry for my American readers).

Oils & Vinegar
Olive oil: I typically only use it for salads because it has a very low tolerance for heat and burned food is not good for you. For cooking and baking my preference is extra virgin coconut oil or butter ( NO margarine ) which have a higher tolerance for heat. Stay away from refined oils like peanut oil, sunflower oil or margerine.
Apple cider vinegar: A great product to use over salads or combined with hot water to start your day (it’s a great fat burner and aids digestion).

When shopping for foods, always try to choose glass jar products over canned foods. If you do buy canned food, read the labels carefully and watch out for the high doses of added sugar, salt and preservatives!

Baking Supplies
For baking I prefer using gluten free options like buckwheat, almond or rice flour. Instead of sugar, I choose honey, coconut sugar, agave or maple syrup. Tapioca or agar agar is a good alternative to thicken your sauces or to bind dry ingredients.


Pasta, rice or noodles
Brown rice, or brown rice pasta are great alternatives for the regular grains. I still recommend to use them occasionaly instead of daily. When I crave noodles I choose mung bean noodles which is a very light alternative for regular noodles, or noodles made of seaweed. They are not only easier to digest but also a great source of minerals. Pasta made from green peas or lentils are a favourite of mine too. They are gluten free, low fat and a great source of fiber! Quinoa or Buckwheat groats are a good alternative too!


Worried about those late night cravings and snack attacks?  Try avoid the  chips and popcorn aisles in the supermarket. Go for healthy alternatives like kale chips (my easy to make recipe will be online soon), seaweed crisps, raw nuts, dried fruit or rice crackers. Always check the labels, even on those healthy snacks, to make sure there are no hidden sugars or other nasties inside the bag.


Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither will your changes to a healthier lifestyle be.  Give it some time and do it step by step. Start by cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, and your first step has been made!

Healthy eating is not a phase, it is a lifestyle. Give it time and enjoy the ride!






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Hey you !

Thank you for stopping by! Are you here for the first time? Welcome! Are you a returning visitor? Then, welcome back 🙂

So I hear you thinking, who is Simone Olivia and what is she doing on a daily basis? I would like to tell you more about myself 🙂

Full of energy, disciplined and spontaneous are the three words that describe me the best. And that is exactly why I still live the healthy life I committed to three years ago.

Yes, I struggled in the beginning with the amount of training days, I struggled with cutting out sugars, dairy and carbs (not completely but at least 50%). I struggled with the same challenges we all face when trying to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.  However, I found that when I stayed with it and gave it some time, it can be done.  It takes our bodies about three months to get into a routine. So don’t stop, don’t give up, and if you miss a day keep going and don’t look back.

So what do I do and what do I eat on a daily basis?


As soon as I wake up at 7.30am (no alarm needed ) I walk to the kitchen to boil my water. Every day I start my day with a glass of hot lemon water. The benefits of this hot lemon water I will put in a future blog post, so stay tuned for that one.

8.a.m. Then while still being a bit sleepy, it is gymtime! While I’m brushing my teeth I pack my bag with a protein shake (my pre workout fuel) my foam roller ( very important for gymjunkies like me ) my workout log and headphones. Breakfast? Gotta work for it first! Yes, this approach works for me. I get a lot of questions from people asking me how I can workout on an empty stomach? That is why I take my protein shake. Food is very heavy on my stomach when working out, so a protein shake works the best for me.

My workout usually takes 90 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of foam rolling, an hour of lifting and 30 minutes of cardio. Every day? No, but almost every day. I used to have a six-day training schedule but recently I cut back after I noticed I was having some soreness from overtraining. It is important to listen to your body!

At the moment, I have a 4 day schedule, 2 active rest days ( my running days) and 1 rest day. Do I still enjoy it? Yes I do!

10a.m. After my workout it’s breakfast time and time to update my inbox. My breakfast includes carbs and protein. Oats, low fat yoghurt, chia pudding, homemade granola with organic almond milk, there are so many tasty options that it can be hard to decide! Soon, I will post my breakfast options ( with recipes!). Then it’s time to check e-mails, read the news, read other healthy blogs (please follow my friends Healthtastic and Christinajanssen ) and get ready to go to work.

11.30 am Off to work, where I cook, create new recipes and give people the ultimate experience of plant based, gluten- and refined sugar free, vegan food. Which I love!

Every day is a different day, every day I have the possibility to be creative with my passion, and I am able to inspire people with my healthy lifestyle.

A handful of raw nuts or roasted chickpeas, a piece of fruit or veggie or a boiled egg are usually my snacks on a working day, easy to snack on when you are busy and a good way to give you an energy boost when you need it!

My lunch and dinner meals include lots of vegetables, protein and I do my best for the carbs ( which is always a struggle for me since I am not used to eating bread, pasta, rice etc). My lunch is usually a big bowl of miso soup, filled with lots of vegetables, tempeh and a boiled egg, a big veggie omelet or a slice of our homemade nuts&seeds bread with smashed avocado and a boiled egg. For dinner? If I have time ( you should make time, I know) I have my prepped meal ( which I make on my days off) which include, 100 gram of carbs, 150 gram of fish/chicken/vegetarian option and 150 grams of veggies. It may seem boring, but I do appreciate my basic Tupperware meal 🙂

After work it is time for a cup of hot turmeric almond milk on the couch, a quick social media check and then it’s bedtime. Nine hours of sleep is what I need on working (and training) days.

Mental Alarm clock set, 7.30am.

x Simone

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