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  • Welcome to Simone Olivia

    I have been interested in clean eating and creating healthy recipes for as long as I can remember. After lots of questions from friends and family I finally decided to make my own little space on the internet.

    Welcome to Simone Olivia; I'm so very glad you stopped by.

    I started this blog as a way to highlight some of the problems I face with gluten and the ways in which I try to keep my lifestyle healthy. I have a background in nutritional therapy and I believe that we all face the same struggles with today's heavily processed food products.

    I started to "eat clean" three years ago, and noticed the increase in my energy levels and my happiness almost immediately. I know that there is a direct connection between the food I eat and the way I feel. I want to share what I have learned and give you some ideas for a more healthy and happy you.

    So please, take a look around and let's explore some ideas for a healthy lifestyle together.


For many years I suffered from undiagnosed food intolerances, which meant that after I ate I had an expanded belly and lots of pain. My  body’s reactions were inconsistent so I decided to adjust my food groups to determine the cause.   I undertook a period of eating mostly plant-based foods (approx 80% of my food intake), and observed that on those days when I ate carbs from bread, pasta, rice or dairy, my belly became severely bloated. I concluded that my food intolerances are gluten and dairy.

Let’s talk about the bloat for a minute. When it happens, it’s more than just an uncomfortable feeling.  It can be painful and affect your overall confidence.  Prolonged bloating impacts our ability to excercise and puts unnecessary stress on our digestive system.  I quickly realized that bread, pasta and dairy-based ice-cream could no longer be a part of my lifestyle without the penalty of discomfort from bloating.  And so, like many of you who enjoy these foods, I learn to live with it each day.

If this is something that happens to you on a daily basis, it might be time to visit your doctor and get yourself tested for common food intolerances like gluten or dairy. I try to avoid gluten and dairy most of the time, not completely however because I want my body to recognize it and to be able to process it every once in a while.  After all, who doesn’t like a nice piece of Sourdough bread or a protein packed yoghurt?  Living a gluten-free life is becoming a trend which isn’t necessarily a good thing in my opinion. If your body can process gluten and dairy then why remove them from your lifestyle altogether? It isn’t poison after all.
I think we should generally eat less gluten and dairy-based products than we are used to, replacing them instead with plant-based foods which are packed with vitamins and minerals. These are the honest medicines that nature gave us, and we should use them more!

I’m sharing these photos because maybe you’re struggling with a food intolerance and you don’t even know it. Our bodies are amazing engines that adapt and adjust where they can, but every engine has its limits.

My message to you is this. Don’t stop eating gluten simply because the latest trend tells you it’s bad.  If your body can process it, then keep it as a part of your balanced diet. But if you are struggling, and suspect you may have a food intolerance, go and get it checked out so you can spare yourself the suffering of the painful bloat.

I warn you now, before and after bloat pictures follow below:


9am vs. 9 pm.

9am vs. 9 pm.


Have a lovely bloat-free day,





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Mason; where would I be without Mason?

Many times you see me enjoying my meals at home, or at a local cafe. But I’m often traveling, and when I do I always make sure that I prepare my own food to take along with me. It can be tempting to buy a snack along the way however, I prefer to bring my own meals and healthy snacks where possible. Instead of those plastic containers and zippy bags I prefer my trusty Mason Jar to carry with me.  Admittedly, I sometimes cheat and use Mr Kilner’s Jar instead.


They’re not just practical to store your meals in either.  I often use mine as a glass, to drink my smoothies or homemade ice teas from. They also look super cute and are perfect for storing my homemade granola or freshly ground spices. They are dishwasher safe and some of the modern jars are freezer proof too!  And, if you’re planning a cosy night at home they also double as a charming candleholder!

The Mason Jar layered salad is one of my travel favourites, and storing the salad in a jar keeps it fresh for at least 2-3 days. So, why not prepare a couple and save time! A homemade salad is cheaper, and often healthier, than the store-bought alternatives with their chemicals and additives.
I like to work with layers, not only because it looks pretty, but because it also keeps all the contents at their most fresh. Here’s how I make mine:

Layer1 ; Dressing
Layer 2: Crispy veggies like peppers, radish, cucumber, red onion
Layer 3: Grains: Quinoa, brown rice, millet
Layer 4: Soft veggies: Avocado, tomatoes, spring onion
Layer 5: Protein: Chicken, tofu, egg, goat cheese
Layer 6: Greens like Arugula, Spinach or Baby leaves.

Shake, shake and…. Attack!


Enjoy your jar…

Mason’s “BFF”,  Simone Olivia x





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When I say Cauliflower, you probably think about a boring plate of steamed white veggies accompanied by potatoes and a piece of meat. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a dish you would have found on our kitchen table when I was a little girl. It was definitely not my favourite food back then. Nowadays, most of the foods on my kitchen table are veggies.  It’s funny how your taste changes the older you get.

Cauliflower!  Recently, I started to experiment with this beautiful and versatile veggie. Now I can eat a whole cauliflower in one day. Starting with a nice cauliflower-based breakfast meal, then using it in a salad for lunch or to create a delicious pizza in the evening. Pizza….from Cauliflower!?  Absolutely I say! But that is not what this blog post is about. Today we’re going to make my almost famous breakfast porridge!

You’ll need a Cauliflower and a sharp knife:


Serves 1

300 grams of cauliflower cut into pieces
100 ml plantbased milk
25 gr vanilla whey ( I use Isolaat Perfection, Body&Fit)
1 banana
dash (and another dash) of cinnamon
pinch of salt

Place the cauliflower in a saucepan and boil for 10 minutes. When the cauliflower is soft enough to mash, put it all together in a blender and blend until you have a nice and creamy texture. Add the milk, cinnamon, salt and protein and mix well.
Serve your creamy caulifower in a bowl and top it up with the banana and another dash of cinnamon. If you don’t like banana, substitute your favourite fruit or even sprinkle it with my homemade coconut granola ( previous post).



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Yep… The struggle was real, turning 30. Especially in the weeks before my birthday weekend. Those last weeks that I would be in my twenties. Strange no? It’s strange how we say, ‘age is just a number’ but who doesn’t think about getting older, or reflecting on their life with a smile and perhaps a tear? These milestones events raise questions like, where are we now, where will we be in a year, in ten years?

Months ago I started to think about how to celebrate this magic number. What did I want? What did I want to celebrate and who did I want to invite? Well, I just wanted to celebrate life. Celebrate life with the ones I love, with the ones I care about. Outside, in the countryside, feet in the grass, horses nearbyand a glass of wine in my hand. That, for me, is happiness.

I’m not going to write an endless story, about my special day, I’m just going to share the experience with some photos. Turning 30 was a bit of a struggle, being 30 is great !















If today is your special day, then Happy Birthday from me!

Simone Oliviax



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Turmeric, or Kurkuma, is more than just a spice. The benefits of this superstar spice are endless. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it aids in digestion and purifies the blood. Its bright colour is due to the antioxidant pigments ( hint: keep it away from your new clothes!). I even use it to colour my healthy baking goods.


Usually found in delicious Indian curries, here it is in a sweet, warming, sexy milk. I love drinking this on a cosy night when I am craving something naughty. The perfect pre-bedtime drink!

Turmeric is absorbed more easily into your system if you eat it in combination with cayenne or black pepper.

Serves 1

250 ml plantbased milk ( I use Provamel unsweetened almond milk )
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp honey
1cm slice fresh ginger
pinch of salt
pinch of black pepper

Warm the mixed ingredients on the stove for a couple minutes and pour into your favourite mug. Serve hot!
Not only does it smell delicious, it will immediately make you feel strong from the inside…

Let me know what you favourite turmeric dish is !


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