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London is Heaven for foodies !


London… My happy place! I lived in this lovely city for a couple of months in 2015. It is where my passion for blogging started. I used to sit in the park with my Tupperware boxes filled with colourful salads or breakfast meals, writing for hours. London has so many healthy hotspots that I still go back for a few days almost every month. Just to visit my favourite eateries, pick up some tea from my favourite tearoom, do groceries at Borough Market and have as many as (Bon)Soy latte’s as possible.

Last week I packed my bag again to spend a couple of days in food (and coffee) heaven. I decided to share with you my favourite places in London however, there will be no top 5 list, because I simply cannot choose which one comes first :O .  There are many more favourite places I want to share so this will be my first, but not my last post, about London. Stay tuned for more soon!

  1. Granger & Co.
    Many times I started and ended my day here. The food is simply amazing and so are the people. Granger and Co. have numerous locations across London. I regularly visited the Clerkenwell location, since our apartment was just around the corner, and the Kings Cross location, which is also very nice! I recommend you start your day with their famous “Ricotta Hot Cakes” or the “Great Aussie Breakfast” plate. Oh so good! Going there for dinner? Their salads and grains are amazing but always make sure there is some room left for dessert. Last week I had their merengue with strawberries and yoghurt cream, to die for!Granger & Co. ClerkenwellIMG_4831
  2. The Goodlife Eatery
    The Goodlife Eatery proves that healthy food can be awesome! If you’re craving a gluten free baked good, a fantastic rich salad or a big bowl of soup, the Goodlife Eatery is your place! Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free, there are enough options for everyone! And, when you’re returning from the gym and simply want something light and energizing, Goodlife Eatery’s cold pressed juices are a life affirming shot of happiness.
  3. Ottolenghi – Nopi
    Simply put, chef Yotam Ottolenghi is my hero.  No further explanation is required, just visit and you won’t regret it!
  4. Caravan
    Head to Caravan for the best brunches, Bloody Mary’s or Espresso Martini’s. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. Try the Exmouth Market location for a nice and cozy moment or visit Kings Cross for a more industrial style experience.
  5. Gail’s Bakery
    These are my favourite people. Even months after I left London, they remembered me and my order; Large Soy Latte, extra hot with cinnamon on top. I love Gail’s Bakery and I love its family. Wonderful drinks, perfect baked goods and even more perfect service keeps me coming back to this happy place! For me, visiting London is not complete without a trip to Gail’s Bakery.  Thank you guys, and see you soon!
  6. Lantana Cafe
    This Ozzie restaurant serves my favourite (Bon)Soy latte’s and their brunch plates are on point! The toasted courgette (zucchini) bread with grilled halloumi, roast tomatoes, poached egg and chili jam is my all-time favourite. Oh, take me back please!
    There you have it, six of my favourite London eateries but by no means all of them. Don’t delay, book a plane ticket or take the Eurostar and pay a visit to Heaven for foodies. You won’t be disappointed. Now then, where is my passport?



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