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That many of us would like to eat a little healthier each day. To replace those sugary snacks with delicious tasting alternatives using natural ingredients. I have been interested in clean eating and healthy recipes for as long as I can remember. I started “eating clean” 3 years ago and noticed the increase in my energy levels and my happiness almost immediately.
I decided to explore my passion for healthier food in the kitchen with the goal to create alternative recipes that taste great and which are good for you. We all need a little sugar once in a while, but I BELIEVE that nature has given us alternatives that taste so much better.

Hello, and welcome to my world !

After many questions on my instagram account when I would start blogging, sharing recipes and talking about my lifestyle I decided to create this blog.
From now on I will take you with me on my journey, my lifestyle. I will post recipes of the food I post on my Instagram account, will talk about subjects that keep me busy (all health related) and will post personal food diaries every once in a while.
Please leave a comment with what you would like to see or read about on my blog.

xSimone Olivia





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