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Summer is for ice cream !


Ben&Jerry; call me crazy but I may be one of the few people who doesn’t like this sweet couple… Or should I say, my body doesn’t like the sugar packed jars ( read one my last blogs).  For me, ice cream is too sweet and too heavy on the stomach.

However, on a hot summer day like today something cold is more then appreciated. When craving Mr B&J I prefer to blend some frozen bananas and top them with coconut flakes, dark chocolate or crushed raw nuts. Occasionally, even that recipe can be a little heavy on the stomach and I crave something lighter. What’s my alternative? I make my own fruity icepops. Slightly sweet and protein-packed, just the way I like it!

They’re super easy, so head on over to your grocery store and let’s start making our own healthy ice pops!

For 4 or 5 ice pops:
1 jar of SKYR yoghurt ( or any plain yoghurt you like )
1 tbsp honey
1 cup fresh raspberries
Fresh lime peel & a little bit of it’s juice

Mix all the ingredients together, and fill up your icepop tray.
Freeze for about 3 hours and enjoy your own homemade ice cream. The perfect post-workout snack or pre-bedtime treat.


Have a lovely summer

Simone Olivia x

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