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Number 1 runners gadget!

Dear runners… Are you running with your phone, keys, coins, gym membership cards etc? All the things we need to carry with us while working out makes excercising more complicated and cumbersome. Finding a solution that fits all your items but doesn’t impede your workout is a real struggle.  I’ve tried many variations in my quest for the perfect solution: running belts; phone tucked in my sports-bra; keys wrapped around a shoe string; phone in my hand; even coins in my underwear. If you’re a runner, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Finally, after much searching and a few lost coins, I came across the solution we’ve all been looking for.  I’m talking about the FlipBelt.


Light, soft and most importantly, tight.  The FlipBelt is a sleek way to carry your phone, keys, cards & cash! This amazing belt fits everything, including an iPhone 6 and stays flat on your waist without without riding up or chaffing. With this simple accessory you can comfortably do your jumping jacks, climb that mountain or ride your bike, all as free as a bird!

My FlipBelt was a 30th birthday gift, and one that I use daily with a big smile on my face.

Perhaps the only downside to this fantastic little belt, is when I forget to pack it the night before a run.  Imagine my struggle as I woke early to do a 15K run in the countryside close to my Mom’s house. I packed my bags in a rush the day before, and yikes….I forgot my FlipBelt.   Luckily enough I found an old running belt in my Mom’s closet and headed out into the countryside.  But after only a short distance, I was already uncomfortable and distracted by the old running belt as it bumped around on my hips.  No amount of tightening or adjusting made the old belt stay in place, and the coins rattled loudly distracting me even more.  My 15k run was a long one, much longer and less enjoyable than I hoped it would be, and all because I forgot my beloved FlipBelt.



Have a lovely run,

Simone Olivia x

p.s. I’m not endorsed by FlipBelt but I do love their product.  You can get yours here!


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