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A day in my life

Hey you !

Thank you for stopping by! Are you here for the first time? Welcome! Are you a returning visitor? Then, welcome back 🙂

So I hear you thinking, who is Simone Olivia and what is she doing on a daily basis? I would like to tell you more about myself 🙂

Full of energy, disciplined and spontaneous are the three words that describe me the best. And that is exactly why I still live the healthy life I committed to three years ago.

Yes, I struggled in the beginning with the amount of training days, I struggled with cutting out sugars, dairy and carbs (not completely but at least 50%). I struggled with the same challenges we all face when trying to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.  However, I found that when I stayed with it and gave it some time, it can be done.  It takes our bodies about three months to get into a routine. So don’t stop, don’t give up, and if you miss a day keep going and don’t look back.

So what do I do and what do I eat on a daily basis?


As soon as I wake up at 7.30am (no alarm needed ) I walk to the kitchen to boil my water. Every day I start my day with a glass of hot lemon water. The benefits of this hot lemon water I will put in a future blog post, so stay tuned for that one.

8.a.m. Then while still being a bit sleepy, it is gymtime! While I’m brushing my teeth I pack my bag with a protein shake (my pre workout fuel) my foam roller ( very important for gymjunkies like me ) my workout log and headphones. Breakfast? Gotta work for it first! Yes, this approach works for me. I get a lot of questions from people asking me how I can workout on an empty stomach? That is why I take my protein shake. Food is very heavy on my stomach when working out, so a protein shake works the best for me.

My workout usually takes 90 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of foam rolling, an hour of lifting and 30 minutes of cardio. Every day? No, but almost every day. I used to have a six-day training schedule but recently I cut back after I noticed I was having some soreness from overtraining. It is important to listen to your body!

At the moment, I have a 4 day schedule, 2 active rest days ( my running days) and 1 rest day. Do I still enjoy it? Yes I do!

10a.m. After my workout it’s breakfast time and time to update my inbox. My breakfast includes carbs and protein. Oats, low fat yoghurt, chia pudding, homemade granola with organic almond milk, there are so many tasty options that it can be hard to decide! Soon, I will post my breakfast options ( with recipes!). Then it’s time to check e-mails, read the news, read other healthy blogs (please follow my friends Healthtastic and Christinajanssen ) and get ready to go to work.

11.30 am Off to work, where I cook, create new recipes and give people the ultimate experience of plant based, gluten- and refined sugar free, vegan food. Which I love!

Every day is a different day, every day I have the possibility to be creative with my passion, and I am able to inspire people with my healthy lifestyle.

A handful of raw nuts or roasted chickpeas, a piece of fruit or veggie or a boiled egg are usually my snacks on a working day, easy to snack on when you are busy and a good way to give you an energy boost when you need it!

My lunch and dinner meals include lots of vegetables, protein and I do my best for the carbs ( which is always a struggle for me since I am not used to eating bread, pasta, rice etc). My lunch is usually a big bowl of miso soup, filled with lots of vegetables, tempeh and a boiled egg, a big veggie omelet or a slice of our homemade nuts&seeds bread with smashed avocado and a boiled egg. For dinner? If I have time ( you should make time, I know) I have my prepped meal ( which I make on my days off) which include, 100 gram of carbs, 150 gram of fish/chicken/vegetarian option and 150 grams of veggies. It may seem boring, but I do appreciate my basic Tupperware meal 🙂

After work it is time for a cup of hot turmeric almond milk on the couch, a quick social media check and then it’s bedtime. Nine hours of sleep is what I need on working (and training) days.

Mental Alarm clock set, 7.30am.

x Simone

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  • georgette - top geschreven Simone! Ik wou dat ik ook maar een beetje van jou had..Zo lastig om daarin te komen maar ja dat ligt aan mezelf. Ik blijf je blog volgen…super leuk om te lezen!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Aah lief van je Georgette! Dankjewel 🙂 Geduld en dicipline, je komt er wel! 🙂 XReplyCancel

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