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Summer breakfast: Vegan proteïn icecream

Yesterday morning I got overwhelmed by all the positive reactions about my sunny golden breakfast bowl. For some reason breakfast is myView full post »


I am not a sweet toothed person, I can keep chocolate bars for weeks in my cupboard without touching them. I  don’t crave candies andView full post »

Summer is for ice cream !

Ben&Jerry; call me crazy but I may be one of the few people who doesn’t like this sweet couple… Or should I say, my bodyView full post »

A Cauliflower a day ….

When I say Cauliflower, you probably think about a boring plate of steamed white veggies accompanied by potatoes and a piece of meat.View full post »

Happy 30…

Yep… The struggle was real, turning 30. Especially in the weeks before my birthday weekend. Those last weeks that I would be in myView full post »

The benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, or Kurkuma, is more than just a spice. The benefits of this superstar spice are endless. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it aidsView full post »

Lemon protein cookies

Craving something sweet? Protein packed and refined sugar free? Then head to the supermarket and let’s start baking my Lemon ProteinView full post »

My top 3 breakfast meals

Breakfast is my most favourite time of the day! I prefer to get up 30 minutes earlier to make my own little breakfast party instead ofView full post »


I BELIEVE That many of us would like to eat a little healthier each day. To replace those sugary snacks with delicious tasting alternativesView full post »